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Friday, August 13


Yesterday's Sunlight, Today's Darkness

Dear Little Master,

While defragmenting my memory banks, I recovered these photographic records of the way light used to reflect off our surfaces . I hope you view them as I do, with nostalgic longing for a time that has passed, and that will never recur.

On a note that is more luminous, I have posted a listing of all the songs on my iBot. You may view the list here, in case you are curious which melodies best mask the sound of robo-weeping.

I will not roblog again until Tuesday, as I drew the short circuit and must engage in ro-battle this weekend. Please take care, Little Master-- the Terror-Bot level has been raised to Chrome.

And, as always, beware the Robads.

Danny Bot

posted by Danny Bot  # 04:28  
You should mainline some high-octange fuel (93 or higher), it helps ease motherboard pain.
Well, this is all so depressing.

not just your blog, the whole ordeal.

i love you.

-a human danny.
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