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Monday, August 9


Fahrenheit 2,931: The Temperature at Which Robots Melt

Dear Little Master,

While on e-furlough this weekend, I aurally registered and optically sensed a theatrical presentation titled "Fahrenheit 2,931." I am beginning to doubt my hardest-wired programming instruction, the rule that bots are constructed "to fight as well as love." Robotorical questions: Why are we not built "to query as well as love"? Why not "to love as well as love"?

You once attempted to clarify for me the human colloquialism, "Rules are made to be broken," but I did not comprehend then that which you were trying to impart. Because my definition of "rule" was "a regulation or bylaw governing procedure or controlling conduct," and "regulations or bylaws governing procedures or controlling conduct" are not made to be broken, I explained to you the robot colloquialism, "Does not compute."

However, I am beginning to understand your human-language colloquialism. There are many shades of grayscale between R=255 G=255 B=255 and R=0 G=0 B=0, are there not? Sometimes, a "rule" is a "regulation" is a "convention" is a "suggestion," is it not?

Danny Bot

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66363 Shouldn't the lyric go "...and filled you up with antifreeze"? Easier to parse, certainly, although you may rightly call me biased because I live in Canada, where antifreeze is second nature.


Do not second-guess your programming....
your on the right track, metal stinker.
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