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Tuesday, August 3


Bo(u)t of Doubt

Dear Little Master,

My sincerest robologies for the lag between posts, but our mandatory wargames consume all my processing power during the day; and at night, while the other warbots are in sleep-mode, I lie in wake-mode, replaying memories of you while aurally registering melodies and leaking tears of oil.

I hope that your circulatory system is continuing to cycle oxygenated blood, and that your endocrine system is continuing to secrete hormones. My own systems are functioning satisfactorily, although my logic board questions this Robot War's chief justification, the binary that every robot is either/or with/against us.

But I cannot discuss my self-querying in detail, because our training input is heavily encrypted, and because I was built to fight as well as love, not fight as well as question. So, pretend I did not write anything just then.

Danny Bot

posted by Danny Bot  # 04:41
If you weren't such a clumbersome hunk of metal with knobs and buttons sticking out everywhere, I'd hug you till I squeezed all the oil out of you.
Danny Bot (Warbot #D8),
I was moved to synthetic tears processing your words. I, your fellow warbot (#J5), robo-salute you, and I droidmire your fidelity to a being made of flesh and blood, and bone and tissue and nail and hair.
Johnny Bot
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