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Monday, July 26


Sayonara, Mr. Roboto

Dear Little Master,

Do you recall when you reached the human age of two, and your parents installed my voice modulator? We learned to modulate human-language together-- you with your schoolbooks and records, I with my punch-cards and lingual soldering drill. Today, although my human-language is impeccable, I find there is one word I am having trouble modulating: "Goodbye."

I was not programmed to experience sadness, so this is especially difficult for me. But you have always been a very good Little Master, so I shall try to be the very best Bot...

I will miss your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Master. I will miss the household appliances, with whom I have shared many joyful times and also alternating current. But-- they are like entering sleep-mode, when I require a full reboot. They are like batteries, when I require a direct power-source plugin. I... I do not know how to express that which I wish to express in human-language.

Little Master, I will miss you. I will miss registering the frequency of your laughter. I will miss optically sensing the light reflect off your surface. I will miss gently grasping your hand in pincers that could as easily crush your human body. I have watched your cells divide and grow, and I will miss every one of them.

The robot-war has started, Little Master. I must report to BASIC basic training in the morning.


posted by Danny Bot  # 02:15
There there, Danny Bot, don't cry or else you might short circuit.


I'm sorry, I'm quite emotional about that sort of thing.
The attachment you have towards your human master is disconcerting to fellow robots. However, his sadness and attachment to a metal device is truly inspiring. Don't change, never change.
My tars have short-circuitd the kyboard.
Your saga has moved me to tears (of oil).

Godbotspeed, Danny. Godbotspeed.
Ask him if he is not a hobo, why does he have a bindle? Beetle boop.
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